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Android Application Development

In today most of the people having smartphone. So its easy to spread your business among the people by the android application. We have expert team for the android development in varanasi. The future technology is the touch technology, Everything will be accessed by finger tip. We provide android application at low price without a burden on client pocket.

Did you know that android occupies the majority of mobile phones used in the world? In today era almost 80% of mobile users worldwide in the world are using Android. Android app development is very crucial to any business in this era. Custom Android app development can work wonders for your business. Nearly worldwide more than 800 million people use android applications.

Today world is moving very fast and people want to get everything on their finger touch. This is era of mobile technology and communication. Now people don’t want use laptop/desktop for every single & small work. They want it on their touch phone.

Future on finger is providing android application development for individual and small scale business as well as large scale business. Now a days smartphones are widely used. Most of people have android phone and internet on their mobile.

We are providing many useful features in android app

  • User friendly gui
  • Store and backup
  • Offline/online
  • Hardware interaction

User friendly GUI

Future on finger android app gui is attractive, lightweight and fast. Our android application is optimized in way that it occupies less memory (RAM) and run efficiently. This application can be moved in external memory as per user convenience. The application design, look & feel is professional and standard. It can be run on lower version of android os and upper version os also. Each application version has backward capability.

Store and backup

Sometime it was seen that accidently mobile has been reset, lost or deleted, due to this data is also lost. To avoid this issue our application giving you store and backup functionality. For backup multiple email ids can be configured. User can set backup period manually daily, weekly or monthly. By store functionality user can restore their data into application.


Future on finger is providing solution on line as well of line. Based on user requirement can develop application in off line. Lots off application id developed in offline and don’t required internet. Just install and use .Calculator , convertor ,calendar ,games, etc. Future on finger is developing online applicon also. Online application require internet. For example billing, ecommerce application etc.

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