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Bulk Message Services

Future on Finger is providing platform for bulk sms. FMS is in low budget with more feature. Costumer or Vendor don’t required expertise on our messaging software system. FMS is providing graphical user interface to schedule the message and different file format option such as CSV, XLS and TXT. SMS can be scheduled, No need to worry about remember anybody birthday or marriage anniversary or any festival . Just schedule one in time our software will be delivered message on schedule date and time.

We know in India most of the people is understand Hindi. So FMS has multiple language facilities. Our messaging software delivering message in Hindi, Bhojpuri, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Oria, Kannada etc. FMS is providing interface to user can upload marks or message in CVS, TXT or XLS sheet, when schedule time arrived message will be broadcast to uploaded list. FMS has the facilities to due reminder or payment reminder. Our messaging software can deliver message in all over india.

FMS is delivering two type of messages Transactional and Promotional. Transaction message success rate 99% and promotional message will be deliver on non-DND numbers only. FMS is providing MO (Mobile Originated) messages that will help to know the status of services(Activate, Deactivate, Status etc.)

We are proving bulk message solution :

Mobile Terminated message:(MT)

     Promotional Message : Promotional message used for Marketing purpose

         Message will sent for marketing

         Message will sent for new product or offer

         Message will sent consumer for birth / marriage.

         Message will sent wish message on festival.

         Message will sent on Hindi/English/Urdu/Panjabi/Kanada/Tamil.

         Message will sen long message(More than 160).

         Sender address can customize as per requirement like(School Fee,Fee Paid,etc).

         Message will delivered only 9AM to 9PM only

     Transnational Message :Transnational Message is used for Transaction information

         OTP Message when login/create account/reset).

         Web related information (Login detail /password detail/Order status/purchase etc).

         Update alert(Fee alert/Reminder Alert/ Result alert/Due alert/Paid Alert etc).

         Stock alert (Provide stock info on vendor).

         Order alert.

         Alert sent on any transaction.

         Message will sent on Hindi/English/Urdu/Panjabi/Kanada/Tamil.

         Message can sent long message(More than 160).

         99% delivery.

         Delivery report.

         Sender address can customize as per requirement like(School Fee,Fee Paid,etc).

         24*7 message will delivered.

Mobile originated message:(MO)

     We are giving solution on MO message

         Message to know status of order.

         Message to know tracker.

         Message on Activate/Deactivate.

         Message on Tele voting.

         Message on update information.

         Message on Short code and long code.

Shortcode like 12342,211231 etc, LongCode is like 11112211111,3232323232 etc. Example if know the status of your order just sent message OrderId to given shortcode and you will get.

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